Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summertime on an Island Feels Like Winter

Well, it's officially been a year; well, almost.  Close to 11 1/2 months anyway.  Summer has just unofficially started, and that means a dilemma for a Peace Corps Volunteer assigned to an education position.  It means a huge change in my daily routine.  It means no students, no teachers, no classrooms ( *cough* Alice Cooper, it's your time to sing).  But here's what it really means:


To combat this brain-drain, I've been trying to find some other projects to take up my time.  I'm researching into the public library to see if I can help with their summer reading program and general library duties ( *cough* *hmmhmmm* Mr. Cooper, you can stop singing now).  I've been working on my school's library for the past month with categorizing books and helping the kids to sign-out books, so if needed I could boost my verbal resume' with that.

I also have some vacations planned.  The biggest being to Malaysia to party and see the beautiful country.

In other words, this summer is going to be a lot of downtime, but I'm going to use this opportunity to volunteer and see the world.  Oh, and it'd probably be a good time to skype with you guys more frequently than the once per never I'm currently doing.

More to come, and I hope you're enjoying your delicious hamburgers wherever you are.  Oh how I miss hamburgers.  And chicken nuggets.  And beer.  And wings.  Oh food...

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  1. Hola! Birthday package headed your way as of yesterday. Hope you are doing well. Great to see pictures of all you are doing. So proud of you and miss you very much!
    Love - Catherine