Friday, May 11, 2012

Through the looking glass

I recently got a friend request on Facebook from a guy named Johnny, and he's doing the exact same job that I will be doing in Micronesia on the island of Weno.  He has a blog,, that I've been reading up on.  He's been there since September of 2010, and he has put up plenty of posts to delve into.

I see myself becoming a Johnny of sorts.  He loves basketball and recently just built a basketball court with his community.  He seems like an outdoor kind of guy that likes to get out in the wilderness.  He seems to be having a time of personal growth and fulfillment in his work and in his island life.

A bunch of his posts get into philosophy about time, his purpose of being in Peace Corps, the differences between Micronesia and the U.S., and his growing progress on the island.

This blog has given me more comfort in the fact that I'm just like someone who is doing this job already.  From what I've read, we're both idealistic young white boys that wanted to do something cool after college, and I think that now I know it's been done before, I too can have a great experience in Peace Corps Micronesia or Palau as well.

Recently the conversations I've been having with people have been turning towards my future Peace Corps job.  The conversations usually start and end the same way.  Some worry is thrown in, admiration here and there, and then I tell the person my blog address.  I know that doing Peace Corps is admirable, but recently I think I've been getting too much admiration.  It's a little weird, and I kind of feel like it's undeserved.  I just think I'm going to a 2 year job, an awesome job, in which I'll be tested like never before.  It's going to be a great experience, and I'll hopefully come back from it as a better Nick.

CU graduation just happened (yes, the one I was supposed to be in, haha), and it's been good to see some old friends and new ones graduate like I did.  To think that it was just 1 year ago that I was doing the same thing astounds me.  I remember that feeling of "Well... What now?" that I've filled up with Peace Corps, and I'm sure I'll have it again when I return.

Well, it's about time for my Vegas trip, some Salt Lake City goodbyes, packing up, running the Bolder Boulder, and then hitting the air.  I'm immediately reminded of this song, and yes, time is on my side:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1 month before Peace Corps

2nd blog post: Here we go!

I just got my plane ticket and itinerary for my staging event in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The flight is 7 hours long from DIA to Honolulu, and I pray to (insert your God here) that I won't have to sit next to a really large Finnish man who spills over into my seat (reference: see Nick's Spain blog). That's right; I'm going to be on ANOTHER island for a couple of days before going to my island. 

The staging event is jam-packed with 'ice-breakers', getting to know more about the Peace Corps, and DEEP reflection on the commitment about to be had.  It'll be fun to meet the volunteers with whom I'll be spending the next 2.25 years, and I'm sure Honolulu won't be too bad of a place to do it.

I'll also be hanging out with a friend from high school who lives in Honolulu.  It'll be good to catch up with her.

The months have been counting down for me.  It's kind of a like a really long countdown of a space shuttle launch.  5 months to go: ah, let's wait before I get scared.  4 months: doing calculations.  3 months: Oh shit, is this going to happen?  2 months: Oh shit, this is going to happen (see past blog post).  1 month: Hell ya, it's about to happen! Then lift off.

This past month has been quite the ride.  Giving 2 weeks notices, throwing in my bakery apron, meeting new people, recording Youtube songs like there's no tomorrow, and just trying to enjoy my last month here in the good ol' U S of A. 

Well, be sure to stop by and give me a huge bear hug before I take off on June 6th from DIA.  And make sure that I get your physical address so that I can send you post cards from my future home.

1 month away, and I can't wait to start.