Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frisbee Golfin' and a Peace Corps Valley

I don't have enough time to give this post what it deserves, but I'll give you a Cliffnotes version of my past 2 weeks.

It's been difficult.  I got an awesome birthday package including a Denver Broncos SIGNED cheerleaders calendar.  I made Salapwuk into Boulder, Colorado by teaching frisbee golf to my kids.  I was reassured that I don't have TB or any other severe medical illness.  I got to see my Kolonia host sister's baby (I'm pushing her to name the boy 'Nick' haha). 

In all, it's been one of those Peace Corps lows and reevaluation points, but at the same time it's been great.

They say pictures say a thousand words, so I'll shut up now.

The frisbee golf hole constructed solely out of hibiscus branches and bark for the nets.

The almost finished frisbee golf hole.

At the dinner table.

He really likes frisbee golf with the finished product.

Volleyball in NanMand.
3 hours of free time translates into a world of possibilities.


  1. That Frisbee golf thing looks awesome! Good job, Bear Grylls would be very proud of you! Hopefully you are getting lots of vitamins!!

    I can't wait to hear from you! I miss you too much!

    Love you to the moon and back,


  2. Very nice, Gilligan and the Professor would be proud. Now if you could only jerry-rig yourself an XBOX out of a coconut, you guys would really be in business.