Sunday, July 15, 2012

The word for American in Pohnpeian also means Sneaky and Slow

It's been 5 weeks in Pohnpei, and I really can't see myself doing anything else with my life right now.  I'm pretty happy that I live in the Pacific ocean helping children to be able to speak English.  Everything is peachy.

Apparently the pressure is on for me to get married.  There's literally been about 10 comments about me getting married while I'm here in Pohnpei.  The girls here are all quite nice, dark skinned, small, pretty, and can cook.  If you know me, that's kind of my cup of tea, so we'll see what 2 years does to Mr. I'm Not Getting Married Until I'm 30.

Eating the local food is quite an adventure.  The concept of washing hands and serving with spoons (not hands) is lost here, but I'll be immune to about every known bacteria/virus after living here.  Ants crawl all over the table at all times.  Flies land on the food.  If your food hasn't been touched by ants, you've probably eaten quickly.  My favorite food here has been sashimi skipjack tuna.  Mango runs a close 2nd place, but fresh skipjack caught on the same day is without comparison.

I fixed up my current guitar (my uncle from the opposite of the island is lending me his).  Since it was missing the 6th string and because I wanted to say 'thank you' in some way, I put new strings on it.  It plays like a champ now after the new strings, cobwebs removed from the inside, spider removed, and random papers removed from the inside.  I'll once I move to my main site in late August, but for now that Fender is all mine!  I tried to teach the song "Sarah Beth" to my host sister AnJanet today.  She kept saying "Serepein" (girl in Pohnpeian) instead of "Sarah Beth".  It was adorable.

I'm learning more and more language through practice all the time, and I suppose in 6 months I'll be at a level where I can understand the general meaning of every conversation, at least that's my goal.

OH!  I just unlocked my blackberry, so I'll be using that for local phone service here on Pohnpei.  I'll be sure to send people the # just in case you want to get in touch with me quickly.  Just remember, I live 7 hours behind you but a day ahead.  Screws with your mind, right?  It does to me.

I can't think of anything else to post, but if you think of anything you want to know, just post a question in the comments section.  I'll be sure to get on it.

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