Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Wow.  That's the first word that comes to mind as I'm sitting here on this couch in my parents place.  I've waited a whole year to do this job/experience/volunteering, and it's finally here.

Feelings that come to mind: excited, nervous, scared of the unknown, and a little numb in the sense that this whole thing hasn't really hit me yet.

This past 2 weeks have been all about saying 'see you later' to the friends and family, running the BolderBoulder, having a birthday (God I'm old...), and a lot of final shopping for the 27 month job ahead of me.

From here it's 2 nights in Honolulu, 1 day trip to Phonpei, Micronesia, and then training.  If I do well enough in training, then I'll be sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer sometime in August.

I can't wait for this adventure to start, and I can't wait to share it with all of you.  These next couple of months are going to be pretty hard on the Ol' Saint Nick.  New culture, new languages, new food (not looking forward to Spam), new Peace Corps and non-Peace Corps friends, and a whole new island mentality.  If you've ever seen the movie Young Frankenstein where Dr. Frankenstein is just about to enter the monster's room and he's giving his speech of "Whatever happens, don't open that door", this is my paragraph for that.  Because in the end, Dr. Frankenstein and the Monster both come out of the room and are just fine. 

I will be tested.  I will probably bitch a little bit about it on my blog.  But I will prevail!

I can't wait to start my actual job of teaching children because I think I'll be pretty good at it.  Also I've kind of been going a little stir-crazy without a job for the past month, so starting this Peace Corps job should put that stir-craziness behind me.

I leave you all with the following Youtube link, and I can't wait to talk to you from Micronesia!

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