Thursday, June 21, 2012

He runs, he shoots, he scores!

This week/weekend has been one of pains and small victories.  Last Friday, I went to the local club here in Pohnpei called Flamingo after having drank some sakau with Ben, a Peace Corps bud of mine.  They sell Bud Light in cans for $3, and the partying doesn’t start until 2am.  I pooped out by 1:45, but it was good to see how the young Pohnpeian crowd gets jiggy with it.

Starting on Friday, I had a sore throat which I knew wasn’t going to turn out well.  Sore throat + sakau (google it) + local water +  alcohol + late night = sickness.  Saturday morning my Nohno (mom) and I went around town helping unload fish from a boat, got wood for a coffin, and checked out my house dad’s office.  That’s when I found my guitar, but my Nohno says that she might already have one for me at a relative’s house.  Anyhow, Saturday was then filled with rest.  Sunday was filled with rest.  Then I went to training the past 3 days feeling slightly shitty, and today I finally copped out at went to the PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Office).  I’ve had the runs since June 11th which apparently 5 days longer than usual.  They gave me some medicine for my congestion, and they’re taking a look into the runs situation. Poop seems to be a big topic now with Peace Corps, but enough about poop

I joined an international soccer team that plays right across the street from my house.  They play every Tuesday and Thursday.  Yesterday Peace Corps bud Ben and I played, and I scored my team’s only goal!  On the other hand, I did allow 2 goals out of 7 or so shot attempts when I was goalie, so that evens out, right?

Everyone here is freaking out about their final island placement, but no one can really control where they’re finally placed.  We can have a ‘preference’, but the final decision is made by the Peace Corps staff on where they think our skills match up the best.  No one really wants to go to the Mortlocks, the outer islands in Chuuk, because of the isolation.  I too don’t truly want to be placed on an outer island, but I’m sure that if I am I’ll figure out how to deal with stuff.
More pictures once I get around to it.  As for now, bom mao (goodnight). 

P.S. I’m catching on fast to the language here.  Thanks Mr. Genetics for a good language brain!

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  1. Took you four blog posts till you mentioned diarrhea. I'll be honest, I thought the magical number was 3.