Monday, June 30, 2014

Guo lai ba!


Sort of.  I can feel the start of worrying about my trip back home.  It's like a crying baby at the back of an airplane when I'm sitting at the front.  I can't faintly hear its annoyance, but I'm able to put on my headphones and rock through the flight.  Soon enough though, that baby is going to be screaming and sitting in the seat right next to me.

It's only eventual, but for now I'm basking in the ignorant bliss of not thinking about July 30th.

How am I basking?  Well, literally this summer is going to be the hottest Pohnpei has seen in a while, so I'm partially cooking my beautiful pasty skin.  I'm also working for Upward Bound as a geometry teacher for high school juniors, and I must say I'm probably the coolest math teacher there ever was.

Ex. Did your teacher ever explain parallel lines to you like this:  a boyfriend and a girlfriend just broke up and they never want to see each other again.  So they make an agreement to always stay the same distance from each other on their lines they walk through town.  Hence, PARALLEL LINES!

Nothing can keep high school students more awake than faint references of dating the opposite sex; I use this to my advantage.

I'm also trying to crunch down on learning Chinese before I leave go in September, and I'm slowly improving.  Watching t.v. shows is going to hopefully boost my skills and increase my knowledge of soap operas.  Wo bu ai ni!

For now, this is all I can write.  Zai zhen, and I'll see you all soon!

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