Saturday, September 21, 2013

Picture Update.


A sidewalk on Param Island.  Probably the most difficult one I've ever had the privilege of walking on. 

I let a little deaf/mute girl play with my camera for a while.  We had a good time.

Some people might even call this paradise.

Apparently Micronesian women wear head scarves just like Muslim women.

Our new Peace Corps Volunteers!

Oreo Pig.

Double-stuffed Oreo pigs.

The patrol boat that I graced to go fishing with the President of the FSM.

The.  Best.  Sashimi.  Ever.  It was literally swimming in the sea 3 hours before this picture was taken.

My kids.

Recently taught the kids how to play thumb war.  They were a little confused at the start.

Coteacher Dennis looking philosophical. 

Coteacher Joe teaching the difference between B/P, D/T, and G/K.  I taught the first 3 classes this lesson because he was learning the differences himself, but he taught the 4th class like a boss.  It was one of those times when I couldn't stop smiling.  I had taught a teacher something, and then immediately that teacher taught students the same thing perfectly.

Peace Corps staff loves when I come stop by unexpectedly.

200 pounds of yam: $50. 2 gallons of gasoline: $10.50.
7 people packed trying to ride a 6cylinder truck up a hill with no traction: priceless.  

It's Kamwadipw (party) season!  Almost makes me want to watch Wedding Crashers again.

I told him to stop working until he was sure he was covered by his employers workers' insurance.

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