Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Malaysia, With Love.

Top of the morn' to ya folks.  I just came back from my trip to Malaysia, and it was probably the best time of my life.  I met so many cool people from all walks of life, ate a LOT of good food, and I saw a bunch of good touristy/non-touristy spots.  To sum up my trip, I'd like to share some things I've learned and experienced there in numbered points.  Bear with me...

1. No matter where you go, English is the international language of communication. 
There were too many times where I would be talking with people from Germany, Finland, America, Malaysia, and other countries at the same table, and we were all communicating and having a good time through one means of communication: English.  Although we all looked different, had different cultures, and economic backgrounds, we were all able to come together through our common language.  That was very comforting to me, not only because I didn't have to worry too much about miscommunication, but because it shows that our world is becoming more involved with each other.

2. Western Culture is everywhere.
There were multiple times where I was walking past Starbucks on a marble floor in a huge mall watching women run around in short shorts (I miss short shorts).  The consumerism culture is HUUUGGEE in Kuala Lumpur; buy, buy, buy!  At first it was absolutely overwhelming to me.  I was kind of getting used to escalators still while were were looking at which Samsung Galaxy was cheapest (almost bought a tablet).  The reoccurring question of 'which place is more western?' kept coming to me, and I honestly believe that Kuala Lumpur is more 'western' than Denver.  Crazy, right?

3. Muslims are really nice people and aren't that different from any other religion
Just as there are many kinds of Catholics (orthodox, uptight, relaxed, and just those ones who are addicted to repenting! haha) there are many kinds of Muslims.  At first when I saw women completely covered from head to toe with black veils I was a little shocked, but as soon as I learned the reasons behind their clothing I actually understood their practice; Muslims believe that a woman should only be able to seduce her husband and that showing any body parts other than the eyes is a way to seduce other men.  While I can see their point and appreciate it, I must say that some of those Muslim women were definitely trying to seduce me with their gorgeous eyes.  No matter how much you see of a woman, you still know it's a woman.

Muslims are also very loving people.  I got to briefly know a Muslim family who was absolutely wonderful.  They fasted during Ramadan, they accepted me into their home, and were just the most lovely people.  I truly got to know better the belief of how all religions are the same, or better said, how religions make good people no matter which one it is.

4. You never know where you'll meet good people
I wasn't expecting to meet too many people during my trip, but I did.  I met a wonderful girl named Lia, and we spent days exploring her city like tourists.  It's funny how when you live somewhere you never go see your place's tourist sites...  I also met a guy from Russia, girls from Finland, a guy from the Netherlands, local Malaysians, and many others.  All really good and interesting people who made my trip unforgettable, and I will definitely be seeing at least one of them in the future :)

Okay now, enough talk!  Picture time!

Kentucky Fried Chicken never tasted soooo good.

Cheap Indian food filled my stomach all the time

Chinatown: where you can buy almost anything for next to nothing.


Petronas Towers.  Ya, I conquered them.

Coconut trees in a concrete jungle.

Lia and I decided to become Indians for a day.

Fish spas are scary.

Paul (from Russia) and I on top of the KL Communication Tower.

I went to the National Mosque during call to prayer.  A very humbling experience.

My Malaysian friend Mia with her Lilo and Stich Galaxy 4s phone.  Mia and Lilo are about the same in that they have unlimited energy and never stop moving.

Batu Caves.

I don't follow directions very well.

Any questions about my vacation?  Just leave a comment!

I miss you all back home, and I miss all of my new Malaysian friends.  Sama Sama (thanks).


  1. Awesome vacation Nick! Even though KL is great, you still ought to go to Thailand and China!! Thanks for sharing! Loved the Stitch phone!

  2. I can't believe I just read this! I love this! I'm a bit upset we didn't take any photos together though :(