Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Break: The Week of Plenty... Plenty of Free Time.

The Easter Bunny must have been drunk on sakau last week because I never saw him.  Anyway, he was probably doing what I was doing, which was absolutely nothing.  Since there was no school last week, my schedule was as clear as the opposite of George Bush's conscience.  This being so, I decided to do some things but not much.

I'm not a very religious man, but I actually went to church most, if not every, day last week to get to know the Pohnpeian custom of every day church during Easter.  11pm dinners, church songs, and stray dogs were ever present, and it was an experience that I won't forget.

Next... I decided to make a video of my daily life here in Pohnpei, and the video is posted below.  It was really good to make the video because it made me self-reflect on my life and purpose here in Pohnpei.  T'was fun.

I finally convinced one of the other Peace Corps to come visit my site, and my good friend came up for a couple of days to see the simple life.  Since he lives in Kolonia, he thought my digs/(insert cool name for 'home' here) was really awesome and relaxing compared to city life.  We hung out at the river, went shrimping, drank sakau, and had a relaxing time. 

Then the week was over, well..., almost.  Apparently Monday was some sort of local holiday called Micronesian Culture and Tradition Day.  For Salapwuk, we called it Monday.  In my opinion, for Kolonia, this meant a day to practice how the people of the past used to live and to celebrate Micronesian culture.  I personally used this day to start a garden.  Yes, a garden.  What?  You didn't think Nick could grow a garden?  Nonetheless, it's a pineapple garden.  Ya, a pineapple garden.  Are you tired of my short sentences asking questions?  You shouldn't be.

Here's some pictures:

The Start of it.

The Battle Wound.

The Weeding.

Down Goes the Pineapple.

The Finished Product.

Anybody want a pineapple?  Just wait about a year, and it's all yours.

So ends the post of Easter Break.


  1. 23 april 2013
    Hi Nick, I watched your play. NICE. I just mailed you 2 packages today that are for your Birthday. I think they should get there new week. I sent you a link to a youtube video of a robotic cholecystectomy i thought you may enjoy.

    happy Early birthday Nick,

    Love Dad

  2. You're a great writer!