Monday, February 25, 2013

Ever had a cousin who lived 'down by the river'? You do now!

Here are some of the many pictures I've been taking recently.  Kumwail pahn perenki tohlu!

My host sister Jedlynn getting ready for night fishing.  She's a little camera shy.

How much more beautiful can it get?

This view sucks.

Caught about 14 of these buggers.  When you bite the head to kill them, the brains taste, escuse the really bad joke here, a little fishy.

Host Grandpa Sipw on the job.

The fish groupies.
YES, I did have my Peace Corps approved life jacket.  I took it off for the pictures.

When hunger strikes.

My Mickey Mouse tea cup.

Xena, my host niece, on the bamboo raft I made.

Juni and I playing around.

Pillow Pets has invaded Micronesia.  When will it end?

Got bananas?

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