Thursday, November 8, 2012

Salmonella, Worms, and Progress

Thought I'd do a picture/video update along with a short blurb of the past 2 weeks.

Last week, I had a salmonella infection.  This caused me to not want to eat for a week, have diarrhea, and feel overall feel like shit.  Two days ago, the worst whole day migraine of my life accompanied with vomiting and the discovery of intestinal worms was such a treat.

I also have been learning the intricacies of the word mwemweit (to go hang out at someone elses place).  Living in an isolated community in the mountains means that it's a good walk to go hang out with others, but it's worth it to see some new people

My family is probably the coolest in the world.  During the past two weeks of a constant feeling of being punched in the balls by a headache and diarrhea, they've been really helpful. 

Boulder is finally looking like a dog instead of a puppy now.  He's still bitting people occasionally and jumping on tables for food, but he's learning.

I showed my family how to make smores and banana pancakes last week since they've never heard of neither.  They had fun making the poking sticks and setting the mallows ablaze.  My brother had so much fun with it that he took the left over marshmallows to school to show his friends.  Peace Corps Goal #2 = smashed.
Care packages have been awesome, and I thank my stepmom, aunt, and grandma for supplying the goods.

Trying to make friends with people of the same age here is pretty difficult.  They're all really shy and don't want to be seen with the only white guy for miles (yes, I stick out like a sore thumb plastered with white paint).  I only go to church on Sundays to hang out with others, but it seems like the other side isn't willing to make the effort.  Fuck.

Okay, video and pictures:

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  1. Worms and Food Poisoning...Still sounds better than those hangovers we had coming back from Vegas.