Friday, August 10, 2012

Training = Smashed

We just finished our training, and all that's left is swearing in as Peace Corps Volunteers this coming Wednesday (Tuesday night in the States).  We've all got our matching shirts for us two guys and skirts for the five girls.  We're going to be looking snazzy.  Pictures to come.

The past 10 weeks have been probably the most interesting in my life.  Teacher training, language training, culture training, numerous cultural anecdotes, and plenty of drunken sakau nights have filled my days.  Delicious and questionable food has been passed my way, friendships made, and puppies taken care of.  It still is new to me, and it probably won't completely hit me as 'foreign' until I return to the U.S.  Culture shock, here I come in 2 years.

Boulder, my puppy, has an interesting medical case.  On Friday morning, I saw that there were little white strings all around his sleeping area.  With further investigation, I concluded as a medical professional that the tiny white strings were actually round worms.  Translation: Boulder has worms.  So being the awesome pet owner that I am, I researched a little more with the locals and with Google to figure out what to do.  There are no veterinarians on the island, so that wasn't an option.  I figured out that there are some non-prescription pills to removing round worms.  Googled it.  It checked out.  Went to the local dispensary.  Paid $1.20 for the pills.  Boom, best pet owner ever.  5 more pills to go over 2.5 more days.  I hope it works.

On Monday we're going to be staying at different sites than our future school sites.  I'm spending the day/night at a current volunteer's place on the eastern part of the island, and it should be a good time seeing how that community works differently from my future home. 

I'm starting to make a name for myself here in Kolonia.  As I walk down the street, it seems like a taxi driver or a kid knows me.  Semi-celebrity status is always appreciated.

I'll try to call everyone on Wednesday after swearing in as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and I hope you all are kicking ass and taking names back home.

P.S. Apparently Boulder and I are men wai (white people) since we both have the same color hair.

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